FUH-TAI TRADING CO., LTD was first started in domestic trading of chemical raw materials since 1959 by chairman Mr. Chi-Shaing Shih . More than thirty years of trading experience has brought us the confidence of business operation followed with capital enhancement. From then we have expanded our business field globally and continuously grow up toward the next milestone.

Our company is located in the business district of Kaohsiung city, Southern part of the Taiwan R.O.C. Kaohsiung is the Taiwan's second largest city,it has the famous Kaohsiung Harbor and industrial district.

Address: No. 167 Reh Her Second St, Kaohsiung, Taiwan. R.O.C.


There are four functional departments in our company - Administrative Department, Accounting Department, Trade Department and Sales Department.
The chief of each department:

Administrative Department - Chairman: Mr.Chi-Shaing Shih
Accounting Department - Manager: Ms. Lin
Trade Department - Manager: Mr. Jason
Sales Department - Manager: Mr. Francis


Overseas Chinese Commercial Bank
Address: No.111 Wu Fu 4th Road, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

HUA NAN Commercial Bank, Kaohsiung Branch
Address: No. 175 Chien Kuo 4th Road, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Tel: 886-7-5611241
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