During the period there was a sharp correction in Palm Oil in Southeast Asia, and the inflation of everything rising should be good news. For the rubber industry, stearic acid with palm oil as the main raw material will also return to normal, and it is no longer a sky-high price

【Times-Taipei Electric】Expected production to increase, palm oil futures turned down on Wednesday; Malaysian palm oil exports declined, showing signs of market share losses amid the prospect of stabilizing Indonesian exports, the world’s largest palm oil producer, and the weak demand outlook in anticipation of the country’s palm oil production in July, caused it to turn down.

Analysts said that the market is concerned about the outlook for Malaysian palm oil exports, because in addition to sluggish demand, there are also factors such as soaring freight rates and difficulties in transport vessels, which may exacerbate export weakness, in addition, it is rumored that The relevant malaysian units have taken action against the processing plants that have suspended production and closed, and the expected steady increase in production is likely.

Bursa Malaysia Derivatives Exchange (BMD) final September palm oil futures closed lower %,報每噸4904令吉(1,116.19美元);大連交易所最活耀豆油合約下跌0.06%, its Palm Oil Contract fell 0.06%,芝加哥期貨交易所最活耀豆油合約價格下跌0.3%. (Editor: Chen Weizi) (Commodity Quotes Network)

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