Awareness of Rubber

Rubber is ubiquitous in our lives, as small as daily items such as erasers, sports shoes, and as large as car tires. It is an indispensable raw material for human life.
Theoretically, it refers to a highly elastic polymer material with reversible deformation. It is elastic at room temperature, deforms under the action of external force, and can be restored to its original state after the external force is removed. Rubber is a completely amorphous polymer with a long-chain structure, and the molecular weight is often very large, greater than hundreds of thousands。

Early rubber was made from latex from rubber trees and processed into materials that were elastic, insulating, impermeable to water and air. It is a highly elastic polymer compound. Rubber is divided into two types: natural rubber and synthetic rubber. Natural rubber is processed by extracting gum from rubber trees and other plants; synthetic rubber is obtained by polymerization of various monomers.

The structure of rubber

The main structure of natural rubber is isoprene , while synthetic rubber has different structures according to different side chain branches.

Rubber classification and introduction

The following will introduce two categories of natural rubber and synthetic rubber, please select each category from the left-hand menu