Natural Rubber

Natural rubber is mainly produced in Southeast Asia. It has excellent elasticity, tension and other characteristics, and it is an indispensable raw material for many rubber products.

We mainly import natural rubber from Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia, which are classified as follows:

  • Thailand : ADS-XL, RSS#3, STR-5L, SKIM BLOCK
  • Vietnam: SVR-3L, SVR-10 , RSS#3
  • Malaysia: LATEX
  • Taiwan : Reclaimed Rubber
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Synthetic Rubber

Synthetic rubber is a product developed by polymerization of monomers extracted from petrochemistry. There are many types of synthetic rubber and each has different characteristics, and it has been used to meet the needs of special rubber raw materials required by human scientific and technological progress.

We provide the following synthetic rubbers.

  • SBR
  • BR
  • NBR
  • IR
  • EPDM
  • CR
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Rubber Chemicals

From raw materials to finished products, rubber requires a lot of processing procedures and related matching drugs, using physical and chemical processing and modification, so that the final product can meet our relevant requirements.

We provide complete rubber chemicals

  • Rubber Vulcanizing Agent- Sulfur Powder, Settling Sulfur, Special Sulfur…
  • Rubber vulcanization accelerator- MBT(M), MBTS (DM), TMTD (TMT), HBS (CZ), DPG (D)…
  • Rubber aging inhibitor- TMQ(RD), 6PPD(7F), BHT…
  • Rubber Vulcanization retarder- CTP(PVI)
  • Rubber foaming agent-
  • Rubber processing aid- stearic acid
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Rubber Filling and Reinforcing Agent, Plasticizer

In addition to the raw rubber, the production of rubber products also needs to be filled with various fillers to enhance the physical properties of the rubber and blend them at an appropriate cost. Plasticizers can also be added to the process to improve the efficiency of the process and the plasticity of the product

We provide a full line of fillers and plasticizers

  • Kaolin clay
  • Carbon Black
  • Calcium carbonate, Magnesium carbonate
  • Zinc Oxide Powder
  • Silica
  • Various plasticizers
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